Gorilla safaris and Honeymoon can be looked at as two different things and if you ever argue that that way I surely agree with you. But for a critical mind, they tend to have a little bit of similarity in them and that similarity may at some point being in the crushing power that leaves that minds undecided on which to get on with.

You may have been looking at the difference all along and not putting some brain power to the similarity part of it.

You may have read the title and developed questions on which you had obvious   “How in the world can I fore go my honeymoon for a Gorilla Safari” While someone else may as well say “I have all the time in the World, I can first go on my honeymoon and later go on a Gorilla safari” Well, on a second thought always “never judge a book by its cover” and I won’t judge you wrong because of your opinion but by the end of this article you will come to the conclusion that sometimes such situations can occur bringing you to cross roads of making a decision that will leave others to write about you.

Working in a tour company as a tour consultant was one of my first jobs. We used to get some what pre-occupied with some silly talks and stories with my friend who was a little older than me in this career. One day I jokingly asked him as funny question, “what would you do in a situation like this…?” I start my story…

Bill booked his trip to Africa and on his itinerary he had Uganda as you first destination where he was to do Gorilla Tracking as his main activity and the purpose of this tour. This was his wildest dream in ages to come face to face with the World’s fascinating Apes. With no second thought for his summer in August that year he book this trip and pay everything a head of time to avoid last minutes rush. Having paid his travel expenses, he left a notification on his computer to mind his 2 day before the trip begins.

It is so unfortunate that Love and sickness always do last minute bookings. As months went by Bill fell in love with the girl of her dreams. They decided to get married at once having made their vows in church honeymoon next on agenda. Maui was the place they were to stretch their married legs. On the honeymoon eve the groom when on his medical checkup having not felt fine on their wedding day

“I am sorry surgery may not be possible at this moment!” the doctor said to the groom. He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer that was in its latest stages. Has he sat alone I his bedroom thinking of the next this to do in life, a massage popped up on his computer; “Your gorilla tracking trip is in 2 Days”

“Bucket list”, He said. He jumped up on his feet and picked a pen and paper and started to make a list of things to do before he dies. As number one on the list was Gorilla Tracking. He cancelled his honeymoon trip to Maui and he started with is bucket list tour around the world.

If it were you what would you have done?


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