Nakasero Hill

Nakasero is today the heart of the city. The upper part was mostly a residential area for colonial administrators while the lower part is the commercial district.
On Nakasero hill, which stands at 4,134 feet above sea level, is State House, the country’s top hotels, shopping centers, etc. It is the heart of the city.
Upper Nakasero has hotels like Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Serena Hotel, (formerly Nile Hotel), Grand Imperial Hotel and Speke Hotel.
Nakasero is also home to many embassies and a residential area for the elite. Average Ugandans are hardly present in upper Nakasero, staying at the bottom of the hill where property rates are more affordable.
The bottom half of Nakasero hill is a world away from the top. It’s a vibrant African street atmosphere with shops and roadside traders and where you can find textiles, shoes and cheap electronics, to budget hotels, restaurants, markets and the busy matatu taxi parks. To soak up the African street feel, visit the taxi parks and the markets. The Nakasero fresh food market is one of the most colorful in the country.

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