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Formerly part of Mbale district. In 2000, two of Mbale District-Budadiri and Bulambi became Sironko District.


It borders Kapchorwa in the East, Kumi in the West, Nakapiripiriti in the North, Mbale in the South.


The district has over 291,906 people, 146,488 are female and 145,418 are

Economic activities

There is Agriculture with main emphasis on food crops such as millet, potatoes, beans, Simsim and sunflower. Cash crops cotton and coffee, Vegetables such as Tomatoes, Onions and cabbage.

Education Services

The district has a total of 164 primary schools with 150 government, 2 private and 12 community schools. For secondary schools, the district has over 26 schools, 8 are government, 5 private and 13 community.

Health services

The district has 1 Government dispensary (II), 19 health centres (III) at county, 3 health centres (IV) at sub-district with 1 hospital. More so, it has 6 private/NGO dispensaries, 1 clinic, 2 health centres (III) and no hospital

Tourist Attractions

There is Mountain Elgon.


Gorilla Trekking

The endangered mountain gorillas are almost exitinct with only 750 in number shared between Bwindi National Park, Parc de volcanoes National park of Rwanda and Virunga of Congo. Safaris to Uganda's remaining mountain gorillas in Bwindi NP is memorable experience that contribute greatly to the survival of these mountain gorillas.More information on the mountain gorillas

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