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Hoima Hotels | Hoima Accommodation | Hoima Travel | Hoima Lodging | Where To Stay In Hoima
Hoima district hotels and accommodation options listing including campsites, safari lodges, hostels, cheap, budget and luxury hotel listings

Kisoro Hotels|Kisoro Accommodation|Kisolo Lodges|Nkuringo Safari Lodge|Uganda
Kisoro district Hotels and accommodation options including campsites, safari lodges, hostels listing like nkuringo safari lodge for uganda safari and gorilla safari

Ssese Island Hotels|Ssese Island Accommodation|Buggala Island Tour|Uganda Tours
Ssese islands hotels and accommodation for traveller on uganda safaris, tours, to sesse island-buggala island for resort beach vacation in uganda

Tororo Hotels | Tororo Accommodation | Tororo Lodges | Uganda Hotels | La Jolla Guest House
Tororo Hotels and accommodation listings including campsites, lodges, and hostels for the traveller on a uganda safari and tour

Pallisa Hotels | Pallisa Accommodation | Pallisa Lodges | Pallisa Travel | Pallisa Where To Stay
Pallisa Uganda hotels listings including safari lodges, campsites, budget, cheap and luxury hotels for the traveller in uganda

Kapchorwa Hotels | Kapchorwa Lodges | Kapchorwa Travel | Kapchorwa Tour
Kapchorwa hotels, kapchorwa lodges, kapchorwa accommodation,kapchorwa tour,kapchorwa travel,accommodation in kapchorwa,sippi falls,masha hotel,noah's ark kapchorwa

Uganda rwanda combined tour offer for gorilla trek in Bwindi and parc de volcanoes
Uganda and rwanda gorilla safari that takes the client to see the mountain gorillas,chimpanzees in kibale forest,wildlife tours,birding tours and launch cruises

Murchison Falls national park safari offer with kibale forest for chimpanzee tour
Murchision falls national park and kibale forest Np for chimpanzee trek,launch cruise on river Nile while on uganda tour and uganda safari

uganda chimpanzee safari offer at kibale forest national park for chimps tracking
3 day tour to kibale forest for chimpanzee tracking and forest walk ideal for bird watching,butterflies,bigodi swamp on this uganda safari offer

Uganda Districts: Kalangala District in lake Lake Victoria, Ssese Island for tours
Kalangala is situated in Lake Victoria/ South Western Uganda. It covers an area of 9,066.8Km2. Only 432.1Km2 (4.8%) is land and the rest is water

Kampala district the capital city of uganda with kampala hotels and kampala city tour
Kampala district the capital city of Uganda that offers kampala city tour with bahai temple,makerere university,uganda measium,uganda crafts centres,with several hills of kampala,kampala tour operators,kampala places of worship,nakasero market.

Kayunga District: Education Services | Transport Services | Health Services | Population | Communication
Kayunga borders with 6 districts, including Apac in the north, Kamuli in the East, Mukono in the south, Luwero and Nakasongola in the west and Jinja.

Kiboga District Information: Population | Infrastructure | Agriculture | Health | Education
Kiboga district was formed in 1991. It is situated in central region, bordered by Hoima,Masindi, Luwerot, Mubende, Kibaale districts

Uganda Districts: Luwero District Information, Population, Infrastructure,Education,Administration,Health
Luwero District is bordered byNakasongola Districts in the North, Mukono District in the East and Mpigi District in the South.

Masaka District: Location, Education, Culture And Ethnic Composition, Political And Administrative Structures
Masaka District is one of the oldest Uganda districts. Formerly, it consisted of Rakai, Kalangala, Sembabule, making it once the leading district in Uganda.

Mpigi District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Education Services, Health Services, Tourist Attractions
Mpigi district attractions; Mpanga Forest Reserve an hour’s drive from Kampala offers a excellent day trip; mighty trees with the knotted roots, monkeys, birds, butterflies, snakes

Mubende District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Education Services, Health Services, Tourist Attractions
Mubende district attractions Nakayima shrine the base of which has large root buttresses forming nooks and fissures sited on top of Mubende Hill.

Mukono District Information: Mabira Forest, Economic Activities, Location, Education Services, Population, Tourist Attractions
mukono district attractions; Mabira Forest famous for walking, cycling trails, with over 100 species of large moths, butterflies, fauna, 300 bird species, Picnic facilities

Nakasongola District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Education Services, Health Services, Transport Network
Nakasongola boarders the districts of Apac to the North, Masindi in the West, Luwero in the South and Kayunga in the Easy.

Rakai District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Banks, Education Services, Health Services
Rakai boarders the districts of Masaka in the North and north-east, Mbarara in the West and north-west and Tanzania in the south

Sembabule District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Education Services, Health Services, Tourist Attractions
sembabule district attractions; Bigo works in the Bwera region which appears to have been a significant late Iron Age settlement. During colonial times, the site was called Bigo Bya Mugyenyi.

Wakiso District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Education Services, Health Services, Transport Network
wakiso district surrounds Kampala and boarders Mukono, Mubende and Mpigi in the West, Luwero in the North and Kalangala in the South.

Bugiri district's Lake and fishing activities at the Lugala Landing site are a potential tourist attraction. Bird watching on Siiro Island is another ...
Bugiri district is linked and has a tarmac road to Iganga and Tororo Districts. It also has a well distributed network of feeder-roads, some of which are in poor conditions. Tourist Attractions.The Lake and fishing activities at the Lugala Landing site are a potential tourist attraction. Bird watching on Siiro Island is another attraction.

Busia District Uganda Was Created By The People Of the Area.
Busia district has over 228,181 people, 118,257 of which are female and 109,924 are male with agriculture as the main economic activity

Iganga was part of Busoga at Independence in 1962
iganga district has caves and forest which are tourist attractions, Nenda Hill; contains the shrine of the Bazungu (white people) and is a view point of the plains. Lake Victoria, fishing constitutes a major activity.

Uganda Districts: Jinja District | River Nile | Source Of The Nile | Owen Falls Dam No Description

Uganda Districts: Kaberamaido District, Economic Activities, Transport Network, Location, Population
It was part of Soroti District until 2000 when it became a district. At independence in 1962, present day Soroti, Kumi, Katakwi and Kaberamaido constitute Teso District. The main language is Ateso, Kumam and Kiswahili.

Uganda Districts: Kamuli District North Busoga Province became Kamuli District in 1980.
Kamuli distirict borders the districts of Iganga in the East, Jinja in the south, Kayunga in the west, Soroti in the north and Pallisa in the north-east. 

Kapchorwa District: The magnificent Sipi falls and Mt Elgon can easily be accessed from Kapchorwa.
kapchorwa district has a beautiful, rugged landscape and its location is on the ranges of Mountain Elgon. The landscape is it major tourist attraction.

Uganda Districts: Katakwi District Information, Education Services, Health Services
Katakwi District was created in 1997. It was formerly part of Soroti District. The 3 sub-counties which comprise Katakwi (Kapelebyong, Amuria and Usuk) belonged to Soroti until then

Mayuge District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Education Services, Tourist Attractions
Mayuge district attractions; Buluba village where Bishop Hannington, the first Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa was murdered, fishing on Lake Victoria

Palisa District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Education Services
palisa district was created in 1991 and was formerly part of the Tororo District.

Sironko District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Education Services, Health Services, Tourist Attractions
Formerly part of Mbale district. In 2000, two of Mbale District-Budadiri and Bulambi became Sironko District.

Soroti District Information: Location, Population, Main Languages, Economic Activities, Tourist Attractions, Education Services, Transport Networks, B...
Soroti District attractions; Soroti Rock, a volcanic plug resembling the Tororo Rock, the town’s architecture reflects its multi-cultural history, market place where the ingenuity of the local populace at refashioning scrap metal to make cooking pots and other house hold items from the remains of cars and metal drum is amazing.

Tororo District Information: Location, Health Services, Tourist Attractions, Economic Activities,Education Services
Tororo borders the districts of Pallisa in the north, Mbale in the north-east, Iganga in the west, Bugiri in the south and the republic of Kenya in the eats.

Adjumani district uganda was curved from Moyo District in 1997
Adjumani District uganda is bordered by the Republic of Sudan to the North, Gulu to the east and south and Arua, Moyo and Yumbe District in the west.

Apac district is part of former Lango District which existed at Independence in 1962
Apac district has unexploited tourism opportunities in the district. Lake Kyoga, lake Bisina and Lake Kwania have tourism potential, but there is no infrastructure to cater for tourism in the district.

Ajia Game Reserve in arua district which was formerly home to white Rhinos hence attracting tourists. The presence of an Aerodrome in Arua makes air t...
Arua district one of uganda districts prouds itself with Ajia Game Reserve which was formerly home to white Rhinos hence attracting tourists. The presence of an Aerodrome in Arua makes air transport possible for tourists.

Gulu is part of the former Acholi District which existed at Independence
Gulu district tourist Activities include Murchison Falls National Park Launch trips, top of the falls, game viewing, Forest walks in Rabongo Forest and Spot fishing.

Kitgum District Information: Economic Activities | Banks | Transport Network | Health Services | Education Services
Kitgum was part of Acholi District at Independence in 1962.Acholi was divided into two districts, West and east Acholi. The latter became Kitgum District.

Kotido District: Economic Activities | Education Services | Health Services | Transport Network | Tourist Attractions
kotido district attractions, Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most fabulous park in Uganda. It is situated in the corner of Uganda’s boarder with Sudan and Kenya. In the Kidepo NP is the Narus Valley to the south-west and rugged Napore-Nyagia Mountain range forms its western boundary. The Kanangarok Hot springs cross the Kidepo River. The River is a sand river that flows for as few days in the year.

Uganda Districts: Lira District, Economic Activities, Population,Education Services, Health Services, Transport Network
Lira district was part of the then Lango District which consisted of present-day Apac and Lira districts. Lango was divided into West Lango and East Lango Districts in 1974. In 1980, East Lango was re-named Lira District.

Moroto District: Transport Network, Tourist Attractions, Education Services, Health Services, Transport
moroto district tourist activities; Matheniko Game Reserve, Magosian Culture with beautifully fashioned quartz tools resembling those of the Stillbay Stone Age culture of Somaliland.

Moyo District Information: Population, Banks, Economic Activities, Tourist Attractions, Education Services, Health Services
moyo district is a beautiful part of Uganda where the mountains of the southern Sudan can be seen out against the flat landscape

Nakapiripirit District Information: Location, Population, Economic Activities, Education Services, Health Services, Tourist Attractions
Nakapiripirit district borders Moroto in the north, Katakwi in the west, Sironko and Kapchorwa in the south.

Nebbi District Information: Location, Population, Main Language, Economic Activities, Tourist Attractions
In 1974, West Nile District was divided into North Nile, Central Nile and South Nile Districts. South Nile became Nebbi District in 1980.

Pader District Information: Location, Economic Activities, Population, Education Services, Health Services,Main Languages
boarders Kotido in the east, Gulu in the west, Sudan in the north and Lira and Apac in the South.

Yumbe District Information: Uganda Districts Portal With Yumbe West Nile
Formerly part of Arua District. In 2000, Aringa county of Arua District was given District status and named Yumbe District.

There is Semliki National Park with the hot springs, Semliki Wild life reserve, Rwenzori Mts National Park, The pygmies are found in bundibugyo distri...
Bundibugho district with Tourist Attractions including Semliki National Park with the hot springs, Semliki Wild life reserve, Rwenzori Mountain National Park, The pygmies are found near Ntandi, and Amabere caves and water falls.

Hoima District Uganda: Kataisha port | Omukama (king) Kabalega | Mparo Tombs
Bunyoro became a district. In 1974 Bunyoro was divided into North Bunyoro and south Bunyoro with the latter becoming Hoima District in 1980

Uganda Districts: Kabarole District,
Kabarole district is situated at the foot hills of the Rwenzori Mountains, small and quiet and refreshing. It is the centre of Toro Kingdom. There is Kalambi Tombs, the burial ground for the Kings of Toro. Fortportal is also a base for trips to Kibale forest for chimpanzee tracking, Magombe swamp and Bigodi swamp.

Kamwenge District: Formerly part of the Kabarole district. It became a district in 2000
Kamwenge tourist attractions include Kibale Forest National Park which is rich and unique habitat for more than 250 species and over 300 bird species

Kampala Mayors: Kampala City History And Information,
Kampala city worships and mayors list Uganda; It wasn’t until 1950 that Kampala got its first mayor and today it has had 14 mayors

Old Kampala is also the seat of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.
Kampala hill is now mostly a mixture of residential and commercial area with several bars, cafes and shops. The buildings are mostly of Indian style. Though now renovated, the architecture has been maintained to preserve their place in the country’s history.

Mengo kampala hill mostly refered to as Lubiri hill for Buganda Kabaka
It is here that the famous 1900 Agreement was signed between the Kabaka of Buganda and British colonial officials establishing the Uganda Protectorate. Near the palace is the Kabaka’s lake, the biggest man-made lake in the Uganda.Mengo hill has several hotels and lodges and commnly knoen as Lubiri

Namirembe hill st paul's cathedral near Buganda Lukiiko with view of kampala city
Namirebe hill the seat of Anglican(protestants) church known as church of Uganda close to Buganda Lukiiko the parliament of Buganda Kingdom with great views of kampala city with access to Namirembe Guest house

Today Rubaga is the seat of the Catholic Church. Near the cathedral is the residence of the cardinal and on the other side is Rubaga Hospital.
Today Rubaga is the seat of the Catholic Church. Near the cathedral is the residence of the cardinal and on the other side is Rubaga Hospital. Down the hill, near Kabuusu is a home for the elderly. The first black Archbishop south of the Sahara, Joseph Kiwanuka (he became bishop in 1939) and the country’s first cardinal, Emmanuel Nsubuga, are buried here. Further at the base is the Pope Paul VI Memorial Hall, next to the Kabaka’s lake.

Nakasero is today the heart of the city with nakasero market,shoping malls and hotels
On Nakasero hill, which stands at 4,134 feet above sea level, is State House, the country’s top hotels, shopping centers, etc. It is the heart of the city. Upper Nakasero has hotels like Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Serena Hotel, (formerly Nile Hotel), Grand Imperial Hotel and Speke Hotel.

Kololo Airstrip, a portion of which has been reserved as a burial ground for ‘national heroes’
At the base of the hill is Kololo Airstrip, a portion of which has been reserved as a burial ground for ‘national heroes’. Only two eminent Ugandans have been buried here so far, namely: independence movement hero I.K.Musaazi who founded Uganda National Congress, the country’s first political party; and Prof. Yusuf Kilonde Lule, the founder chairman of the National Resistance Movement, which is the ruling party.

Uganda Kampala City Hills: Kibuli Hill, Kibuli Mosque, Kibuli Hospital, Kibuli Secondary School
Kibuli is regarded as the home for Muslims. A Buganda royal and colonial collaborator Prince Badru Kakungulu owned most of the hill. He donated the land where the Kibuli mosque and hospital stand today. Other notable features on this hill are the police headquarters and training school, several secondary schools and a teacher training collage, the oil depots of the major oil companies Shell, Total, and Caltex.

Sambya hill with nsambya hospital and american embassy in this location
Nsambya hill, one has a great view of down town Kampala and the shores of Lake Victoria, including Ggaba landing site. Several furniture and crafts shops selling unique African chairs, beds, curios and crafts line the road. The new American embassy and sambya hospital are located here.

Kampala City Hills Uganda: Naguru Hill, Guest Houses, Recreation Centers, Nakawa Market, Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA)
Naguru hill is the famous Nakawa market, the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) show ground, where the annual trade fairs are staged and a police barracks.

Uganda Travel & Directory: Lake Mburo National Park Safaris & Tour Information
Lake Mburo National Park is one of Uganda's smallest parks. Activities include, Game drives, bird watching, Fishing, Boat Rides, Guide walks, Birding, forest walk

Mulago was derived from the word “omulago”, a type of medicine,now mulago hospital is here
Mulago was derived from the word “omulago”, a type of medicine, kept on this hill, that was used by King Suna II for protection against spirits. The landmark on this 4,134 feet hill is Mulago Hospital. Built in 1917, Old Mulago merged with the New Mulago Hospital in 1960 to form a giant complex that is the national referral hospital

Makerere Hill, Makerere University Road Via Wandegeya to Nankulabye
Makerere hill dominated by makerere university with various accommodation hostels,makerere university guest house with university halls like Africa hall, livingstone hall, Lumumba hall,Mary Stuart hall, Mitchel hall, University hall,nkurumah hall and Nsibirwa hall

Uganda Kampala City Hills: Buziga Hill, Kampala City Guide, Lake Victoria, Kampala Suburb
Buziga, is the second highest of Kampala’s hills. It's located off Ggaba road as you head to Ggaba landing site on Lake Victoria

Kampala City Hills Uganda: Muyenga Hill, Muyenga Tank Hill, Kampala International University (KIU)
Once dubbed “the rich man’s slum”, the 4,285 feet Muyenga hill started area in the late 1970s

Kampala City Hills: Muntundwe Hill, Residential Areas, Entebbe Airport
Uganda Kampala city Hills; Mutundwe hill top is 4,312 feet and is still virgin while at the foot various activities take place

Kampala city Hills: Mutungo Hill, Bugolobi, Mandela Sports Stadium Nambole, Lake Victoria
Mutungo hill provides a panoramic view of Mandera Sports Stadium, Namboole, to the northeast and Lake Victoria just under 5km to the south

Kireka gained prominence since the Kabaka (king) of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi set up a palace
Kireka hill, 4,189 feet. Previously an insignificant hill hosting the Seventh Day Adventist church headquarters, Kireka has gained prominence since the Kabaka (king) of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi set up a palace atop the hill.

Uganda Kampala City Hills: Banda Hill, Kyambogo University, Nabisunsa Girl's School
Banda hill can be accessed five kilometers on the Kampala Jinja highway. The hill formerly known as Bandabalogo is significant in Buganda history

Kibale Forest National Park Safari: 3 Day Uganda Chimpanzee Tour And Primates Tour
3 day kibale national park chimpanzee and primate safari tour including bird watching, chimp tracking, primate watching, bigodi swamp tour

9 Day Safari: Bwindi Gorilla Safari, Queen Elizabeth And Kibale National Park No Description

Uganda And Rwanda Safari With Gorilla Tracking Tour | Bwindi National Park | Queen Elizabeth | River Nile
13 days safari to Uganda and Rwanda including murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, bwindi national park gorilla tracking/trekking , river nile and kazinga channel launch cruise

Uganda And Rwanda Tour: Kampala City Tour | Jinja City Tour | Gorilla Safari | Rwanda Tour No Description

Uganda And Rwanda Safari | Rwanda Tour | Uganda Tour | Uganda Safari | Rwanda Safari No Description

Uganda Gorilla Safaris: Uganda Gorilla Tour, Gorilla Trekking Safari, Gorilla Tracking Safari
Gorilla safaris to Uganda itinerary covering three days trekking in Bwindi National Park.Gorilla tracking is done in uganda and rwanda by Abacus Safaris

Uganda Music With Instruments For Uganda Tribes And Cultural Performance
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Uganda Culture-Nilotics: Luo, Nilo Hamites, River Lake Nilotics
The Nilotics group is another extensive family all over east Africa. They can be divided into the highland Nilotics and the plain Nilotics

Uganda Culture-Nilotics: Effects Of The Luo Migration In Uganda
The luo migration led to the peopling and settlement of large parts of northern Uganda, West Nile and eastern Uganda.

Uganda Culture- The Acholi: Origins, Birth, Naming, Religion, Acholi Dances, Political Setup
The Acholi people are a collection of small ethnic groups brought together by the Luo migration to Uganda.

Uganda Culture- The Alur: Cultural Origins, Marriage, Religion, Economy
The Alur people are one of the various ethnic nilotics groups that inhabit the west Nile part of Uganda

Uganda Culture And People- The Jopadhola: Origins, Marriage, Religion, Birth, Death
Japadhola live in eastern Uganda amidst various Bantu ethnic groups. They are said to have settled there since the middle of the 16th century

Uganda Culture- The Highland Nilotics: The Sebei Origin, Social Set-up, Female Circumcision
Highland nilotics are mainly concentrated in Kenya with the Kalenjin as the largest group,the Dasog and Oriek in Tanzania and Sebei in Uganda

Nilo-Hamites; The Langi Of Uganda: Origin, Religion And Culture, Dwelling, Political Set-up
The Langi belong to the Lango family which also comprised the Iteso and the Kumam, the Labwor, the JIe (Lango-Okolok) and the Karamajong (Lango-Dyang).

Uganda Culture And People- The Karimojong: Marriage, Political Set-up, Economy, Naming
The Karimojong are part of the Atekerin speaking people of Uganda found in Kotido and Moroto districts in the northeastern part of Uganda.

Uganda Culture And People-The Iteso: Origins, Political And Social Set-up, Birth And Naming
The Iteso are part of the lango group living in eastern Uganda in the districts of Soroti and Kumi. Some in Palisa and Tororo districts.

Uganda Cultures And Peoples-The Kumam: Origins, Politica And Social Set-up, Marriage, Economy
The Kumam belong to the Atekerin family together with the Langi, the Iteso and the Karimojong

Uganda Cultures-The Kakwa: Political And Social Set-up, Judicial System, Economy
The Kakwa live in the extreme north west of Uganda. They occupy the Koboko county of Arua district. Ethically, the Kakwa are plain Nilotes

Madi-Moru Group; The Lugbara: Origins, Social Institutions, Marriage, Political Setup, Judicial System
The Lugbara constitute the largest ethnic group in east Africa originally from southern southern in uganda they are found in west nile

Uganda Cultures And Peoples-The Madi: Origins, Political Set-up, Judicial System, Religion
The Madi live in Moyo district Uganda in the extreme north. They are Sudanic in Language and their Origin could be traced to Southern Sudan.

Uganda Cultures And People- The Metu: The Kore Dance, Economy, Dwellings
The Metu are lovers of beauty. They used to smear themselves with a type of red earth known in their language as era.

Uganda Culture And People-The Okebu: Origins, Economy, Legends
The Okebu form one of the seven ethnic groups who inhabit the northwestern section of Uganda. They live between the Alur, Lendu and Lugbara

Speke Hotel Kampala Uganda | Uganda Hotel | Kampala Hotels | Acccommodation In Kampala
Speke Hotel offers all modern facilities complimented by efficient services. This is a 3 star hotel located in the heart of Kampala

Kabira Country Club: Kampala Accommodation | Hotel Ammenities | Uganda Hotels
Located on top of Bukoto Hill, the club has a picturesque view of the splash-green hill with splendor and tranquility.

Speke Resort Munyonyo: Uganda Hotels | Entebbe Accommodation | Entebbe Hotels
A luxurious resort spread over 50 acres of pristine area located on the shores of Lake Victoria 12 kilometers from the heart of Kampala

Tourist Hotel Kampala Uganda: Uganda Accommodation | Uganda Travel | Kampala Budget Accommodation
Situated in the city center, Tourist Hotel provides Fine Dining experiences and is well designated and spacious to ensure privacy and security.

Uganda Travel: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Gorilla Tracking/Safari, Birding, Nature Walks
Uganda Travel Guide directory; The park is part of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest situated along the Congo border next to the Virunga National Park

Uganda Travel & Directory: Semliki National Park Safaris & Tour Information
Semliki National Park is situated in the extreme west of Uganda in Bundibugyo district along the Uganda/ Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border

Gorilla Trekking

The endangered mountain gorillas are almost exitinct with only 750 in number shared between Bwindi National Park, Parc de volcanoes National park of Rwanda and Virunga of Congo. Safaris to Uganda's remaining mountain gorillas in Bwindi NP is memorable experience that contribute greatly to the survival of these mountain gorillas.More information on the mountain gorillas

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