Kampala City

Makindye Hill

Makindye is one of the first seven hill that on which Kampala capital city seats. It has got a number of zones among them include Kizungu zone, Kiwempe zone. It stretches from Katwe, Namuwongo, Nakivubo to Lake Victoria, It includes […] [READ MORE »]


Introduction Kampala is the capital and largest city of Uganda with a population of 1,208,544 (2002). It is located in the district of Kampala at 0°19′N 32°35′E, at 3,900 ft (1,189 m) above sea level. Kampala is popularly known as […] [READ MORE »]

Mutungo Hill

This hill, southeast of Kampala stands at 4,208 feet above sea level. It is a fast developing residential area, with posh houses coming up. The top of this hill provides a panoramic view of Mandera Sports Stadium, Namboole, to the […] [READ MORE »]

Muyenga Hill

Once dubbed “the rich man’s slum”, the 4,285 feet Muyenga hill started area in the late 1970s. But the real boom came after 1986 when many people, especially those from government and business bought plots and put up expensive buildings […] [READ MORE »]

Makerere Hill

Standing at 4,188 feet above sea level, this hill is called the ‘fountain of knowledge’ or ‘the hill of the learned’. This is because Makerere University, the first public university in the country, is located on this hill. According to […] [READ MORE »]