Factors favoring the growth of Uganda’s tourism industry

Of recent the Kenyan secretary of tourism, Dr. Nelson Githinji has ranked and appreciated the Uganda tourism industry growth as number one in the whole of Africa. In accordance to the tourism review of 2011, Uganda’s tourism sector grew 25% […] [READ MORE »]

Ngamba Island (Chimp Sanctuary)

Ngamba I Island is one of the many Islands found in Lake Victoria under Koome group of islands, they include; Kiimi, Nsadzi, Koome, Bulago and Damba Islands. The Island is located East of Green which melidean on the latitudes of […] [READ MORE »]

Gorilla Tracking in Uganda

A trekking safari to Africa seeking to visit mountain gorillas offers one of the most rewarding wildlife adventures for a modern traveller. Mountain gorillas look just like man and watching them in the jungle offers a very special and emotional […] [READ MORE »]

A safari to Uganda

A safari to Uganda The word ‘Safari’ is a Kiswahili translation of the English word ‘journey’ but has been borrowed to English to mean a tour or trip and is now widely accepted in the English vocabulary by most travelers. […] [READ MORE »]


Uganda is endowed with beautiful forests where activities such as forest/nature walks can take place. Some of the forest include; Mabira Forest, Budongo Forest, Kibale Forest, Bwindi Forest, Mpanga Forest Reserves, Mabira forest Mabira Forest is 54km from Kampala and […] [READ MORE »]