Mountain Gorillas


Mountain gorilla tourism in Uganda is the best tourist project, receiving the highest number of visitors coming into the country watch gorillas in the jungle. Blessed with variety of wildlife, primates and nature, The Perl of Africa strongly relies on […] [READ MORE »]

Gorilla Tracking in Uganda

A trekking safari to Africa seeking to visit mountain gorillas offers one of the most rewarding wildlife adventures for a modern traveller. Mountain gorillas look just like man and watching them in the jungle offers a very special and emotional […] [READ MORE »]

Gorilla safaris Information and Rules

Gorilla Information and Rules If you are to consider tracking Mountain Gorilla’s in Uganda, Rwanda or the D.R.Congo take the following briefing information as applicable to any of the 3 countries where you may trek Mountain Gorilla’s. However, much of […] [READ MORE »]

Gorilla Safaris and tours in Uganda Guide

Just like Rwanda, Uganda is also know for Mountain Gorilla Tourism although it is also a great destination for other activities like Wildlife Safaris, Mountain Hiking among other things. The fact that Uganda is a home to some of the […] [READ MORE »]

Gorilla Tracking Permits in Uganda

Non residents pay USD $ 600; East African Citizens pay USD $ 100 Foreign Residents pay USD $ 500 The Gorilla tracking permits are on a high demand that sometimes its advisable to buy your permit atleast one year ahead.Contact […] [READ MORE »]